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This is a forum about Pokemon, the games manly but the animated series and card game is also talked about
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PostSubject: titleless   Tue Nov 06, 2007 10:11 pm

I have not thought of a name yet sorry but it is still a good story line

One day A long time ago in the milky way gallexy a chain of planets was created one for each power which was granted.
This was originaly a game but the Zaoros had decided to use this game to gain power and rule the galexy they had gotton
most of the powers however the Gentos had also gotton a few. Then the Molaxi the makers of the game had announced there
was one more planet one more power the ultimate power. The Zaoros had immedietly set out for it. The Gentos had soon
found out the Zaoros plan. So they had set out for it also. After long weeks of serching the planet the Zaoros and the
Gentos had caught up. Fianally after weeks of serching the head group Zaoros found the power the head Zaoros Vinish had
a lustorus glow over his face like he had just struck treausre indeed he had in the sence of power. He had stuck out his
large hand when he fealt a strong wind going twords his hand pushing it away from the power. He had looked up he saw Anatilous
A gento set on stoping the zaoros
"You shall NOT interfere" said Vinish
Then a chunk of rock was sent flying tword Anatilous. It was Frust a Zaoro who obtained the earth power. He then steped hard on the ground
and a chunk of rock had blocked Anatilous from Vinish amd himself.
"Do it quick" yelled Frust
"right"replied Vinish
However was too quick for them he had used his air power to boost himself over the rock then he blew strong wind on Frust
pinning him down to the floor then he blew the power out of the sky then he jumped up and put a seal around it saying
"This power may only be used by he who is purest of heart and rid himself of evil" then blasted it with all of his force.
As Anatilous fell back to the ground the pulled out an atomicbomb.
"NO!!" screamed Vinish
The bomb counted down as it hit 1


All that was left of the planet was rocks everywhere and many dead bodies and a out of order zaoros escape pod.

Mean while the power roamed randomly for years and around finallly it found a good place to land a planet of green and
blue with a surplus of water so it went down to the planet known as earth waiting to be found by he who is purest of
heart and rid himself of evil.
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