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This is a forum about Pokemon, the games manly but the animated series and card game is also talked about
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 Evolution Requirements

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PostSubject: Evolution Requirements   Sat Oct 20, 2007 5:54 pm

As you know there are many Pokemon, and alot of them evolve, this is how you evolve the ones that are out at the moment:
Bulbasaur: 4 EXP
Charmander: 4 EXP
Squirtle: 4 EXP
Chicorita: 4 EXP
Cyndaquil: 4 EXP
Totidile: 4 EXP
Treekco: 4 EXP
Torchic: 4 EXP
Mudkip: 4 EXP
Turtwig: 4 EXP
Chimchar: 3 EXP
Piplup: 4 EXP
Starly: 3 EXP
Bidoof: 3 EXP
Nidoran (M): 4 EXP
Nidoran (F): 4 EXP
Wurmple: 1 EXP
Ratatta: 4 EXP
Pidgey: 4 EXP
Tailow: 5 EXP
Spinarak: 5 EXP
Poocyena: 4 EXP
Cascoon: 2 EXP
Silcoon: 2 EXP
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Evolution Requirements
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